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Privacy policy of the AFRIKA KOMMT! Network
**(1) Preamble** The responsible handling of your person-related data in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations in Germany is of considerable importance to us: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the partner companies of the AFRIKA KOMMT! initiative is running the platform _The AFRIKA KOMMT! Network (AK Network)_ for the purpose of networking alumni among themselves in the Internet under the URL "https://ak-network.afrika-kommt.de” Person-related data is only established, processed and used by GIZ to the extent that the data protection regulations in Germany explicitly allow or, should it reach beyond this, provided that an effective approval of the person affected or the user is on hand. Approval is via acceptance of this data protection declaration. With your approval, you declare that you approve (with the proviso of a possible revocation at any time) of your person-related data (obligatory and voluntary statements explained as in the following) - and subsequent updating of them - may be established, processed and used in the context of GIZ. Here, we will inform you about the details of how GIZ handles your person-related data. In the following, the term "user" refers to everyone registered in the AFRIKA KOMMT! Network. **(2) Person-related data** The AK Network has been designed to allow as little person-related data as necessary to be established, processed or used. As a social network, the AK Network will only work if the users make a minimum of person-related data accessible to other users. In the course of the first log-in, the following person-related data will be requested from you that are required to show you the services of the AK Network: • First name • Name • email address, • password These data will be established and transmitted via a secure site link (https / SSL Certificate). After registration, you can supplement your user profile with the following additional data (the provision of this data is voluntary). • Title • City • Country • Profession • Degree • AK Intake • Partner Company • Phone Private • Phone Work • Mobile • Url • LinkedIn URL • Youtube URL • Twitter URL • Profile Picture The provision of your data serves to • inform the alumni among one another • communicate with GIZ within the portal The data may not be used for further purposes, in particular not for commercial inquiries or mailings. Your information will only be stored by us for as long as it is necessary to provide the service to you. Subsequently, this data will be deleted if there are no other legal obligations for retaining the data. Your data will not be used by us for automated decision-making or profiling. In addition, on a voluntary basis, you can make further personal details statements accessible to other users. It is not possible to find your data via an Internet search machine. A search within the AK network user directory will enable you to look for other users and have them find you. Except for the contact email, you can do searches for all data. Of course, the search results depend on what the other users have selected visible. Every user can send messages to, and receive messages from, other users. Messages sent / received are stored under "Messages", but you may delete them at any time, and only you can view them. ** Technology used for the AK Network** We use the Social Network Open Source Software "Humhub", a service from Humhub GmbH. This service provider processes your personal data when using this website. He is bound by our instructions and instructed in writing. The data processing by this service provider takes place within the framework of the legal provisions of data protection law of the European Union, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). We would like to point out that our Humhub GmbH cooperates with the following subcontractors in the performance of its contractual services: • Hetzner Online GmbH (Hosting of the online platform) Email notifications from the AK Network are used in the following cases: • When creating an account on the AK Network • When using the "Forgot your password" function • Event invitations and reminders, activity overview, space invitations or notifications from the administrator • Notifications related to your activity or space membership such as notifications about received messages, comments on your posts and the like. Receiving notifications in the latter two cases can be prevented by adjusting the corresponding settings in your profile. In the AK Network, you have the possibility to use the integrated video conferencing tool “Jitsi Meet”. Jitsi Meet uses the open-source software with the same name “Jitsi Meet” to offer free video chats to all members of the AK platform. The data and media streams are encrypted on the basis of WebRTC via Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) und Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP). This means that the transmission of the data is secured and only the hosting entity is able to access the data. Jitsi Meet is hosted by GIZ and we do not store any information on the video chats. There are no protocols and we don’t store your IP address. Our Jitsi Server only stores a minimum of data as local storage on your device. The local storage is a modern form of a cookie and allows you an easier use of the conferencing tool by e.g. storing the name of the last conference that you attended or your display name. The data stored as local storage can be deleted in your browser settings. When you enter a Jitsi Meet video chat, you are asked for a display name. The display name along with audio, video and chat content will only be stored during the duration of the meeting and deleted as soon as the meeting has ended. **(3) No forwarding of person-related data to third parties** We will not forward your person-related data to third parties. The only exception is such cases in which a legal obligation to pass on data exists (e.g. in accordance with § 14 Section 1 TMG [Telemediengesetz] in the case of inquiries by criminal prosecution authorities and other state institutions with the corresponding powers). In no circumstances will we hand on person-related data to third parties for advertising, marketing or other commercial purposes. **(4) Cookies and Webanalysis technology** The AK Network uses a technical cookie to remember you log-in details (username and password) if you check the box on the start page. This cookie can be deleted in your browser settings. The AK Network does not use any further cookies or webanalysis technology. **(5) Deactivating the account** Accounts that have been opened may be deleted together with the data they contain. The data may subsequently no longer be called up. Owing to the data stored in the cache, this user data may still be accessible for a short period after deactivating the account. When you have deleted your account, your person-related data will be irretrievably deleted, and forum entries and personal messages will be made anonymous so that they can no longer be assigned to you. This is done, for example, to prevent the course of a discussion from being interrupted. **(6) Amendments to the data protection principles** The contents and functions of the AK Network are constantly being developed and improved. This can cause the need to arise for an amendment of these data. Registered users will be informed about changes when logging in. ** (7) Right to information and contact** You have the right to information about your personal data stored by us at any time. Also, we will correct your data according to your preference should there be errors in storage. Of course, at your request, we will also delete all your personal data provided that we do not have to comply with statutory retention requirements. For these cases, we will restrict your data for further processing so that it can no longer be used. Furthermore, you have a right to object to the further processing of your data and the right to receive your data in electronic form. In these cases, please contact our data protection officer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 36+40, 53113 Bonn Dag-Hammerskjöld-Weg 1-5, 65760 Eschborn Contact details of the data protection officer: datenschutzbeauftragter@giz.de If you have any questions or complaints about this declaration of consent, please contact the GIZ AFRIKA KOMMT! Team (afrika-kommt@giz.de) or the GIZ data protection officer (see contact information provided above). You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the responsible data protection supervisory authority. The responsible authority in this case is the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI).

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